CKNZ Inc Membership

Membership is open to anyone ordinarily resident in New Zealand who is eighteen (18) years of age or older who wishes to further the interests of the Society and who:

  • Bears one of the following names (however it may be spelled): Austin, Dickson, Dixon, Falconer, Harvey, Haxton, Hervey, Keith, Kite, Lumgair, MacKeith, Marshall, Urie or any other surname that may be recognised and approved from time-to-time by the Chief of the Name and Arms of Keith; or
  • Has a paternal or maternal ancestor whose surname was Keith or any of its accepted names; or
  • Has either completed a genealogical chart of his or her family which substantiates to the Council’s satisfaction an earlier connection to the Clan Keith, or in the absence of such evidence, the applicant has certified that he or she is of Clan Keith descent and has given in writing the reasons for believing he or she is connected to the Clan Keith; and
  • Has paid the requisite fees as they fall due; and
  • Is to be considered a member in good standing.

The Council determines in its sole discretion whether an application is successful or not.