The Keith Clan

Part of a Worldwide Family

The Clan Keith in New Zealand is part of a worldwide family with a common link to the ancient and much-honoured Keith dynasty, the Clan, its principal names Austin, Dickson, Dixon, Falconer, Harvey, Haxton, Hervey, Keith, Kite, Lumgair, MacKeith, Marshall, Urie, and the Earldom of Kintore.

George Keith, last Earl Marischal, was stripped of titles and estates in 1716.

Upon his death in exile in 1778 the next highest ranking member of the Keith family, the Earl of Kintore, inherited the role of Chief of the Name and Arms of Keith. The current Chief is James William Falconer Keith, 14th Earl of Kintore.

The Clan in New Zealand is governed by a High Commissioner for Australia & New Zealand (currently vacant). New Zealand has its own independent clan society with direct responsibility for matters within its own geography including fundraising, communications and representation.

The Clan Keith in New Zealand Inc was incorporated under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 in 2012. A Council comprising up to eight members elected for three-year terms manages the day-to-day day affairs of the society.

About the Clan Keith