Clan Keith in New Zealand

In 2012 therewere 5,432 listings in the NZ Whitepages for individuals with the names Austin, Cate, Dick, Dickson/Dixon, Falconer/Faulkner, Harvey/Harvie, Keith, Kite, Marshall and Urie. This a proxy only because it omits people who may affiliate through a matriarchal line and those who do not have listed telephone numbers. It also includes people not of Scottish origin with those names. Nevertheless, it is a starting point for understanding the potential size of the Clan Keith in New Zealand and where our kinsfolk reside.

Marshall is the most numerous name group accounting for 29 percent followed by Dickson/Dixon (25 percent) and Harvey/Harvie (21 percent). Austin (9 percent) Falconer/Faulkner (8 percent) and Dick (6 percent) are next with the Cates and Kites on 1 percent and two listings for Urie not even getting to significant digits.

Geographically 66 percent of us live in the North Island and 34 percent in the South Island. The total population is split 76/24 so we are “Mainlanders” to a greater extent that the population at large. Interestingly only the least numerous families Cate, Dick, Kite and Urie differ materially from the 66/34 ratio and are overwhelmingly Northerners.

The density of Keiths (per 10,000 population) highest in Southland (30), Nelson (25) and Otago (18) and least in Auckland and Gisborne (both 8) and the Waikato (11). On average there are 12 Keiths per 10,000 of population which is the ratio in Wellington, Northland and Hawkes Bay.
Marshalls, the most numerous of the principal families are just under 4 per 10,000 of population. They are most prevalent in Southland and Nelson (both 8) and Marlborough (6). Marshalls are rarest on the West Coast and Auckland (both 2), followed by Wellington, Waikato, Northland and Manawatu (all 3).
Dickson/Dixons per 10,000 population are highest in Southland (8), West Coast and Otago (both 6), and rarest in Gisborne (1) and Auckland, Wellington and Manawatu (all 2). On average Dickson/Dixons are 3 per 10,000 of population.
Finally the Harvey/Harvie family (2) are most prevalent in Southland and Nelson (both 8) but least in the main metropolitan areas of Auckland, Canterbury, Wellington and the Waikato Region (all 1)